4 Very French Recipes from Mimi Thorisson (2024)


by: Charlotte Greenbaum




All week long, Mimi Thorisson -- the blogger behind the beautiful blog Manger-- has been sharing recipes and stories from her new book, A Kitchen in France. Follow along to win a book+ a bundle of Staub cookwareeach day, so you canpretend like youalso live in the French countryside.

Today: We look back on a week's worth of French food from Mimi Thorisson -- it's the next best thing to a week in achâteau.

4 Very French Recipes from Mimi Thorisson (1)

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All week long, Mimi Thorisson has tempted us withrecipes from her new bookA Kitchen in France -- likePotatoes a la Lyonnaise, which goes with everything (seriously,everything), andCrêpes with Salted-Butter Caramel, which will soon become your favorite special occasion breakfast. These foodsare considered rustic classics in France, but feeldelightfully new to us.

The name of her book really says it all -- these dishes come straight from Mimi's kitchen, and it's easy to imagine sitting at the dinner table with her and her family, enjoying a glass of wine, and trading stories about our favorite foods. A Kitchen in Franceinvites us to savor not only Mimi's recipesfor rural fare, butalso the stories that come with them.

More: Pick up Mimi's 5 tipsfor pairing wine with food.

Butternut Squash Gratin

4 Very French Recipes from Mimi Thorisson (2)

More: We're selling this Staub gratin dish-- and some other handsome Staub goods-- on Provisions.

Potatoes a la Lyonnaise

4 Very French Recipes from Mimi Thorisson (3)

Crêpes with Salted-Butter Caramel

4 Very French Recipes from Mimi Thorisson (4)

Garbure de Pyrénées

4 Very French Recipes from Mimi Thorisson (5)

More: Do you have a dozen eggs on hand and no ideas for dinner? Let Mimi take care of you.

Photos by Oddur Thorisson

4 Very French Recipes from Mimi Thorisson (6)Every day this week, we're giving away a copy of A Kitchen in Franceand a bundle of Mimi's favorite Staub cookware! To win today's copy, tell us in the comments:What's your favorite French recipe?We'll choose winners thisFriday, October 31st. (U.S. entrants only, please!)

Update:Lakelurelady,onetinyspark,Double Helping,TerryKes, andrhubarb! rhubarb! rhubarb!are our winners! Enjoy your copies ofA Kitchen in Franceand Staub cookware.


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Written by: Charlotte Greenbaum

Editorial Intern at Food52

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Anonymous July 17, 2016

Salad Nicoise!!!! and for desert - miella - Almond Honey Squares!

Jane C. July 15, 2016

Favorite French meal would have to be omelettes, crepes, and a toasted baguette with fruit spread.

Denise July 15, 2016

My favorite recipe is homemade pâté de champagne served with crusty French bread and fresh butter.

Kathi July 14, 2016

Anyny souffle, chocolate or savory

Amy B. July 14, 2016

Beef Danube Provencal in winter and Pan Bagnat in summer are both tres bien!!

Asha P. July 14, 2016

I adore fish! As do my family. So I'm always looking for delicious fish recipes. One of our favorites is butter-fried sole.....or as the French say sole meunière. Served with pan seared asparagus seasoned with sea salt, and fresh lemon juice! Absolutely delicious,

Gailfl July 14, 2016


July 14, 2016

Definitely cassoulet!!

Robin S. July 14, 2016

I have dreams about a lovely warm lentil salad that my friend made when I was visiting them a few years ago. She used the lentils du puys, thyme, onion and carrot dressed with a lovely vinaigrette. And nothing beats a crepe with nutella. I also love to make the simple pan roasted chicken grandmere from Julie Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Getting hungry just thinking about this!

Linda L. July 14, 2016

My favorite go-to French dish is Ratatouille! Easy, tasty and so yummy left over.

Tami July 14, 2016

beef bourguignon, delicious and of course croissants!!!

Charmaine B. July 14, 2016

Anything with duxelles...

Pamela L. July 14, 2016

Potatoes Gratinee, my children were raised eating these each holiday dinner, but especially Christmas... my daughter the cheeselover would grate the gruyere, my son would help peel the potatoes, and I would slice. The anticipation as the scent of cheese baking with potatoes, a slight whiff of garlic permeating throughout was and is so joyful.. :)

Victoria S. July 14, 2016

Clafoutis, at least once each summer with fresh cherries, and with other fruit in other seasons.

Melissa K. July 14, 2016

My favorite recipe is London Broil with a reduction sauce of red wine, seasoned with butter, cinnamon and cloves. Served with hash browns and steamed broccoli.

jp July 14, 2016

nothing my daughters like me to cook for them than eggs Benedict.

Janet July 14, 2016

Julia Child's clafouti. I've probably made it 100 times.

Lorissa July 14, 2016

No matter where I travel or live, I gravitate toward Crepes - sweet and savory - they are the epitomy of a comforting, light & delicious treat. Growing up, no rainy or chilly evening would pass without my mom making crepes (in South Africa where I'm from originally, they're pancakes) with a good sprinkling of cinnamon sugar & squeeze of fresh lemon.

Monika August 24, 2015

Boeuf Bourgnignon. I enjoy the time it takes to cook and the wonderful smells in the house. Nothing better on a crisp fall day.

Sunday@FIve November 3, 2014

pot au feu au poulet

4 Very French Recipes from Mimi Thorisson (2024)


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